What is a Parenting Consultant?

A parenting consultant is a neutral third party who assists divorced parents in resolving custody and parenting disputes that may arise after the divorce has been finalized. Parents may choose to include a parenting consultant as a part of their divorce settlement.

Marty. Swaden of Swaden Resolution Services, LLC, provides services as a parenting consultant for clients in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and throughout the Twin Cities. With more than 46 years of experience, he is a well-known family law practitioner and regularly receives referrals and appointments for his parenting consulting services.

The Advantages of Having a Parenting Consultant

In the past, divorced parents needed to go to back to court to resolve parenting disputes. Today, however, a parenting consultant can help parents resolve disputes outside of the traditional court proceeding. By facilitating discussions in a neutral space, the parenting consultant seeks to help parents achieve compromises that remain consistent with their original agreement. To the extent that parents cannot agree, he or she also has the authority to make a final decision on their behalf.

This process helps parents avoid the often lengthy — and costly — court process. Furthermore, many people find going to court stressful. Working with a parenting consultant negates that particular stressor entirely, leaving you free to focus on resolving the issues at hand.

Seeking Fair Resolutions Tailored to Your Circumstances

As a parenting consultant, Marty Swaden will listen to your concerns and provide assistance to guide you and your former spouse to a fair and workable solution. He seeks creative resolutions that protect parents’ individual interests as well as the best interests of their children, all within the parameters of their original settlement.

For more information about our  parenting consulting attorney’s services or other alternative dispute resolution options we provide, contact our firm at 612-284-6922 toll free to schedule a consultation. Our firm welcomes and often receives referrals from former clients, other parenting consultants, family psychologists and other professionals in related fields.