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Divorce and the family law issues associated with it are stressful, no matter the length of your relationship. Whether you have been married or together for six months or 30 years, the intricate details of your family life are so entangled that it can be difficult and stressful to try and separate them. Beyond the physical components of divorce such as deciding who gets what, the emotionally complex issues can be overwhelming.

At Swaden Resolution Services, LLC, we can help you untangle the issues of your divorce or other family-related legal matters. We focus exclusively on family law ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and provide the depth of experience you need combined with the step-by-step assistance you want.

Marty Swaden will assist you to achieve equitable solutions through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, arbitration or early neutral evaluations. He uses ADR to help individuals improve their ability to discuss and communicate rather than fight and argue.

By working through ADR, individuals can achieve solutions that are tailor-made to their unique circumstances — without the costs and stress of a courtroom. This is especially important where issues of child custody and parenting time are a huge concern.

Family Issues Are Difficult — Let Us Help You Untangle Them

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